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Features of the creative multi-purpose bottle opener

  • Creative and ergonomic design

    This jar opener uses an ergonomic design and a nice curve on the handle. Handles easily and provides a firm grip between opener and lid/hand. A good size and lightweight bottle opener, suitable for everyone with large or small hands. Our bottle openers have a thick handle that provides a comfortable and easy grip feel. Easy-to-open plastic bottles with stoppers. A great jar opener for weak hands and a nice jar opener for elderly people with arthritis.

  • In 1 versatile

    This bottle opener has 4 functions: bottle opener, bottle opening, tab opener, vacuum seal release of the jar lid. Ring containers/cans, crown cap (beer style) bottles, screw cap bottles and lightweight jars are easy to open. Well opens beer bottles, soft drinks, sodas, water, bottle caps, bottle caps, jar caps, bean cans, juice bottles and pickle bottles. Save time and work. Makes your life much easier.

  • Designed to be safe and nice with smooth edges

    Our bottle opener is fully wrapped with sturdy PP material and has a nice smooth can opener tip. What kitchen utensils are safe.

  • Unique durable and strong design

    Our can opener uses high quality PP and stainless steel, which is durable and stable.

  • portable

    Easy to carry. The size fits your hand and is very portable to use. Plastic cork opener, easy to carry and use.


AV 5.0
Overall rating
The customers would buy and recommend Unismart again.

I was excited to find an opener that would open soda bottles. Very useful and easy to use. It works well. This is a great beer bottle opener! And my friends love this gift.

Nikolas R.

I sent two to my mother-in-law in Florida for her and a friend. She is 95 and that helps a lot! Wonderful for her weak hands... cute, great socks and price.

Turner M.

I like the look of it and am happy. I wanted it to open soda bottles and it worked easily. Appropriate size. An item used to open the tab on cans and bottle openers. It's great for lifting tabs.

Jason H.